Just the Two of Us

My Love

Growing up I always heard the adults in my life say how fast time goes bye. I never understood what it all meant until it really hit me at the age of 45. I always believed it and “kind of” understood that the time in our life is short and that we must live each day to the fullest. For the most part, I have lived my life as if there was no tomorrow. I married young at 21 years, had my first child at 25, moved to many different cities and even to the U.S.A, nursed in many different areas of the health industry, and simply just tried my best to whatever challenges encounters me.

Today, my eldest son lives across the globe and do not know when I will see him again. My youngest is a student in college. He also works part-time, but spends every spare moment with his girlfriend of one year.  Don’t get me wrong….I sincerely understand, but, they were just playing with their nerf guns in the house yesterday. To summarize, we raise our children to live their lives to the fullest and surprisingly :)….that does not mean they stay with us. Nothing prepares us for this sudden reality. It just hits and we have to cope.

There is one important factor in my life that has made my transition easier and hopeful of new meaningful endeavours ….this factor is my husband.

He is my strength, my light and my inspiration.  My husband wanted to always date from the beginning of our courtship, throughout raising our children and until now. This wise man in my life knew that the kids will leave us one day and we will only have each other so everyday he insisted that we take care of “US”. Through all the life challenges  including illnesses ….we dated. Even through the times we were not the biggest fan of each other…we still dated.

For me, my husband has been and will always be the one who lessens life’s “heavy loads”. For you, it may be your friends and/or your colleagues. No mater what, there is always that special someone in our lives that will help us through the tough times. Just don’t take them for granted! Cherish them and let them know everyday how much you appreciate them. The time invested in this relationship is worth it. My husband remains to be that special someone since 1984.  Today we help each other with this reality that soon enough it will be just the “Two of Us”.